Abroad vaccinated patients

[English only]

We’ve received several requests from patients whom got their covid-19 vaccination(s) abroad and ask us to register their vaccination(s) in order to get a Digital Corona Certificate (DCC) via CoronaCheck.

Unfortunately the GP cannot register abroad received vaccination(s).

Where to go?
Patients that received their vaccination(s) in an EU-country: you are entitled to a DCC form the country you got vaccinated in. Please contact the consulate of that country in The Netherlands.

For patients that received vaccinations in a non-EU country: There is currently no possibility to convert your vaccination into a DCC for CoronaCheck. This is being worked on.

Until this is resolved, you can create a corona certificate for travel or a corona certificate for events with a recovery certificate or a test certificate.

The source of the information above is the RIVM. Please keep track of any changes on this topic through their website.